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Bragg Symposium:
Celebrating 100 years of X-Ray Crystallography


“The special Lawrence Bragg Souvenir Stamp Sheets displayed here have been produced by Australia Post for SCANZ. These will be available for purchase at the AsCA/CRYSTAL and Bragg meetings for $12.00 incl GST per sheet.  A limit of 5 sheets per registrant will apply at the meetings.

For larger orders, please contact Dr Alison Edwards scanztreas@gmail.com indicating your request.

Ability to meet such requests will depend on availability. There may be an additional charge for mailing.


6 December 2012

To be held at the Elder Hall, University of Adelaide, South Australia 

Bragg Symposium Planning Committee

Prof John Carver

University of Adelaide

Dr Peter Colman

Walter & Eliza Hall Institute

A/Prof John Jenkin

La Trobe University

Dr Rob Robinson


Dr Steve Wilkins


Invited speakers include:

  • Prof Anthony Kelly (Univ. of Cambridge)

  • Prof Brian Matthews (Univ. of Oregon)

  • Dr John Jenkin (author of “William and Lawrence Bragg, Father and Son: The Most Extraordinary Collaboration in Science”)                    

  • Prof Thom Mason (Oak Ridge NL)

  • Prof Anthony Cheetham (Univ. Cambridge/UC Santa Barbara)

  • Prof Anders Liljas (Univ. of Lund)

  • Prof Colin Humphreys (Univ. of Cambridge)

  • Prof John Spence (ASU/UC Berkeley)

  • Prof Wayne Hendrickson (Columbia University)
  • Mrs Patience Thomson (younger daughter of Sir Lawrence Bragg)